Father's Day Gift Guide

My father is a complex man; he has to be many things to many people all at once. He is eccentric, intelligent, funny and absolutely impossible to buy gifts for. He truly doesn't need and rarely wants anything. While looking for ideas, I decided to create a guide that might be helpful if you're racking your brain for the impossible (in all the best ways complex people are) father, husband, stepdad, whoever in your life. fdaysize

1. Clocky from Nanda Home $39

What's so great about this alarm clock is that once you hit snooze, it will jump off of your nightstand (from 3 feet), and run around your room, making sure you get up and out of bed.

2. Deluxe Robot Cufflinks by Cosmic Firefly $75

These robot cufflinks because they're quirky and fun, a play on the traditional Father's Day type of gift. These are limited edition and very cool.

3. Sh*t my Dad says by Justin Halpera $13

Based on Justin's Twitter Feed of the same name, this book is just as hilarious as the feed itself. If your dad's into humor and stand-up comedy along the likes of Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart, etc. Here's an excerpt.

4. Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote by Logitech $250 (You can sometimes find these cheaper online such as this one on Amazon.

I own this touch-screen remote and I totally love it. I could never turn on any electronic device in my house without it now. It runs the surround sound, TV, PS3, Cablebox and anything else you want to set it up to do. It has its own software, though I suggest downloading it online if you end up getting it. It's super easy to program and work. Any Dad into electronics, at all, will go nuts over this. If your father is low-tech, however, perhaps you should keep reading the list.

5. Dining Room Ping Pong Table from Spoon Sisters $30

Dining Room Table getting a little boring? Turn it into a ping pong table! All you need is this nifty set, complete in its metal case. Challenge Dad to a game of ping-pong and it might get you out of setting the table.

6. Film Noir Classic Collection including Cornered, Desperate, The Phenix City Story, Deadline at Dawn, Armored Car Robbery, Crime in the Streets, Dial 1119 and Backfire $40

If your dad is a movie buff or a crime or detective novel fan, he might like this collection of film noir from Warner Home Video. I've only seen one of these films, The Phenix City Story , which is actually based on true events that happened in Phenix City, Alabama. It was filmed in Alabama and has a gritty, documentary style to it, which makes the violence seem ever more real. The film is about corruption, murder and really captures the terror of the Deep South at that time. I can only expect that the other films in this collection are just as good.

7. Silkscreened Underwood Typewriter tie by toybreaker $30

Another play on the traditional Father's Day gift. All of the ties in this etsy store are gorgeous and silkscreened microfiber. There are some very cool designs and I'd be shocked if you couldn't find something for your fashionable or perhaps needs to be more fashionable father.

8. NPR Driveway Moments for Dad or NPR Driveway Moments: Baseball from NPR $25 each

An audio collection of stories that are "so compelling you'll stay in your car to hear them through—even if you're sitting in your own driveway." Drawn from the most popular NPR segments like All Things Considered, Morning Edition and others, these stories about fatherhood are sweet, comforting, funny stories that explore relationships we have with fathers and father figures. The baseball collection includes commentaries and retrospectives on some of baseball's most important figures as well as other segments about the game, its fans and stadiums.

9. Adam's Steak Rubs $6 each

Adam's Salts and Rubs use both homegrown and exotic ingredients and there are various "flavors" ranging from BBQ to Coffee. There are also pork rubs and I'm sure some of these like the BBQ are multipurpose. At $6 you can afford to buy quite a collection. Great for fathers who grill or enjoy cooking, in general. I'm particularly interested in the coffee rub and wonder what that would be like on a steak or porkchops.

10. LEGO LED Dynamo Rechargable Flashlight from Perpetual Kid $23

What's great about this flashlight is not only that it speaks to the nostalgia of younger years but it's also environmentally conscious. Turning the arm turns a crank which provides all the energy needed to operate the flashlight.

11. Shave the Planet gift set from LUSH $30

It includes Bamboo soap, Shave the Planet (made with softening shea butter), Cosmetic Lad facial moisturizer and the new Business Time massage bar. Again, a different take on a tradition Father's Day gift but one that is much cooler than that Old Spice gift set from your local drugstore.