10 things Tuesday: moving forward

It's official that M and I are moving. We're moving a few blocks down the street into a house. Yay! While moving is crazy stressful, (I've had a lot of practice at it) and there's a lot to do, it's also really exciting. Today I was thinking about all the reasons I look forward to being in our new place.

1. The backyard

I haven't had a backyard since I left Mobile and I'm excited about the potential a yard brings. I want to create a garden and have barbecues and play bags and bocce ball and croquette.

2. The attached garage

No more scraping ice off the car! Also, we'll still have a place to store things like the Christmas tree.

3. The fireplace

There's a gorgeous fireplace inside that will not only provide warmth but also create a whole cozy vibe.

4. Decrease in rent

While we do lose some space, we're paying less for it and it will really help us save money and/or get by, depending on our situation.

5. Getting rid of baggage

Packing gives me a chance to go through stuff and get rid of all the stuff I am hanging onto for some reason or another. I am promising myself to not pack one thing that I don't currently wear. All the things I'm going to wear one day or used to wear are going somewhere someone else can use them.

6. No basement

Okay, so we won't have the storage but we also won't have to worry about flooding, creepy crawlies or peeling paint.

7. Rearranging everything

I'm interested to see where all of our stuff will go, how it will be laid out and organized. New space means new arrangement and I like the feeling of possibilities.

8. The Potential

Though we're only moving a few blocks, we'll have new routes, new neighbors, a new address (sorry family who just got used to the old one). There's a sense of starting new due to the general upheaval that comes with moving. Moving into this house is about moving forward and it's about the possibilities that lay ahead. It seems to represent a change in our lives, one I am not sure I can fully articulate.

9. Recycling and Garbage pick-up

Self-explanatory. We currently only have access to recycling if we take it to one of the sorting stations. When we move we'll have a bin we put out. We'll also have our own garbage pick-up. Unlike in the townhouse where we have one dumpster for 80-some units that is always overflowing, we'll have a dedicated garbage pick-up day and if we miss it, it'll be our fault.

10. It's a house!

Though it isn't totally ours, I haven't lived in a house since I moved here, not really. I've lived in floors of houses but never a house all to myself with a yard and garage. I know there will be some headaches, the whole moving process is a headache, but I'm looking at where the move is taking us.