So, I'm working on a project at the same time I'm completing a project which I've worked on for 2 years. I'm very excited about this new stuff which is actually building on some things I wrote about during my comprehensives all that time ago. I'm excited because beginning something new is about possibilities and I need some possibilities in my professional world right now.

My new project is in early stages and I have no idea where it will lead; that's the best part right now!

Part of the project is focused on scrapbooks, archiving ephemera, nostalgia and memory/meaning making. How awesome is it that I can use the word ephemera for a while? You're going to be so tired of it. A thread I'm interested in following is related to what and why we collect and save the things we do. What is it about "the saving," or "the archiving" that is important to our identities?

A few posts ago I wrote about my favorite 80's cartoons and was able to embed YouTube clips of many of their theme songs. This blog itself is made up of my thoughts over time represented in a myriad of ways: hyperlinks, photographs, YouTube videos, tags, design history, etc. (Digital Ephemera?)

A few weeks ago I watched M go through a bunch of her high school and early college stuff. It was fascinating to see what she kept and what she tossed. I have a small box of photos, cards and other stuff, but I also have figurines and various keepsakes scattered throughout the apartment and bookshelves.

I'm curious; how do you save your own ephemera? What is it and why do you hang on to it?