10 things Tuesday

I have been "in the dumps" lately. I don't know how else to describe it. I've been moody and easily ruffled. I've been a porcupine. Recently I was telling M how nothing was going wrong, exactly. I've been accomplishing things, looking forward to Spring Break, and had friends over which was a lot of fun. The weather has warmed up though it's rainy so it seems to make me feel colder than it should. I said to M, "I don't know what's going on," to which she replied "Maybe it's you." I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been writing creatively as much as I need to and I certainly think that has contributed to my funk. I was reading around ye olde blogosphere recently and discovered A Beautiful Ripple Effect, a site that reminded me that while accepting and listening to my mood barometer is important, more important say than feeling bad for being moody and dumping all the guilt on top of my fragility, it's also important to recognize when, maybe, I've let myself sit in it long enough.

One of the features of the A Beautiful Ripple Effect is "10 Things That Make Me Happy." It, along with my music blog post, made me thing that I should do more features and series. I enjoy categorizing and listing, as you know. So, what better way to feed my creative and cataloging side. So, I'm going to start posting 10 things Tuesday and invite you to join along. Taking inspiration from ABRE, I'll begin today with the 10 things making me happy

1) It's almost Spring!
2) Music (see last post)
3) Writing (including blogging)
4) Watching LOST with M
5) My new haircut
6) Doing Research
7) Did I mention it's Almost Spring?
8) The Time Change
9) New possibilities
10) This poem:

Why is the word yes so brief?
It should be
the longest,
the hardest,
so that you could not decide in an instant to say it
so that upon reflection
you could stop in the middle of saying it.

~vera pavlova
"untitled 17" from If There Is Something to Desire