reflection meme: then and now

Last year when I presented at Allerton I showed this meme as an example of using a social media phenomenon in a way that encourages reflective practice.
I used it recently in my New Media class with some changes. I had students reflect specifically on how they read and wrote and asked them to compare those practices today. Again, with the students I began with 10 years instead of 20 because of the specific purposes of the exercise. Here I've stuck with the traditional meme instead of the class adapted one. But if you're interested in how I've used this before, I can show you the assignment and chat about it with you.

20 years ago I

1. got the chicken pox during my Spring Break and went to stay with my Me-Ma where I read lots and lots of books
2. was an editor of my middle school paper
3. thought Dances with Wolves was boring and was terrified of It

10 years ago I

1. visited The Tate Modern Gallery months after its opening in London
2. voted for Al Gore
3. saw the Eiffel Tower

5 years ago I

1. was glued to Weather Channel's coverage of Hurricane Katrina
2. lived with my friend Joe in a horrible and crooked apartment where lots of good memories were made
3. played SSX Tricky on the Game Cube

3 years ago I

1. spent Valentine's Day snowed in and then went to Peoria and ate dinner in an old railroad car
2. used a Sony Vaio laptop
3. did my first AP Reading in Daytona

1 year ago I

1. developed a photography habit
2. learned just how much our basement took on water
3. said goodbye to many friends who moved away

So far this year I

1. have pushed myself out of my comfort zone
2. made a lot of plans
3. had my parents and grandmother injure themselves in significant ways (thankfully, they are all recovering)

Yesterday I

1. talked with a colleague about design
2. had dinner with my peeps
3. graded papers

Today I

1. taught 3 classes
2. shared secrets and laughs with a friend
3. talked to my Mom on the phone

Tomorrow I

1. will have dinner with new and lovely friends
2. will get some laundry done
3. will take a step in what I hope will be a new direction

In the next year I

1. will pay more attention to my instincts
2. will show my loved ones how much I value them
3. will create adventure

2009's list, and from 2006