10 things Tuesday: Birthday Edition

Today is M's birthday. In the past, I've written birthday letters (you can find last year's here and 2007's here. Today I'm using 10 things Tuesday to Celebrate.

10 random and yet fantastic things about Michelle

1. Her sense of humor, while often makes me crazy, also makes her the yin to my frequently too serious yang. I think knowing how to laugh at yourself is important and M has shown me exactly why you need some levity in life. There's always opportunities to "not do" because of fear you might fail or look silly. M's sense of humor and outlook on life allow her to try new things and drag me along for the ride. And I'm almost always glad she does.

2. M's kindness and generosity astounds me. She's incredibly considerate of other people and being so is intrinsic to who she is. She doesn't see her kindness as significant or worth attention, but I certainly think it is. She cares about the world, about humanity, deeply and she meets no strangers. She's always willing to help someone out, sometimes to my own aggravation.

3. She loves electronics, perhaps obsessively.

4. She is a child of the 90's and her tastes in music reflect it. All I'm going to say is Wilson Phillips and New Kids on the Block.

5. She has an excellent sense of direction, luckily, since I have none. She's great on a road trip and somehow just understands how towns are laid out even if she's never been there before.

6. She is good with children, since she's a "big kid"* herself. She's patient and sweet and genuinely has fun racing cars around a track over and over again.

7. M is dependable. She shows up when she says she's going to unless she is sick or in a state of emergency. She takes responsibilities seriously and it makes her crazy when other people do not. Though she is dependable, she is not predictable. I feel like I'm constantly surprised by her, which means while I may know the stories that shaped her, there's still more to discover.

8. She has a great smile.

9. I recently discovered she read LaToya Jackson's biography. Apparently it was on the bookshelf of someone she lived with and she thought it would be interesting. Make of that what you will.

10. The best thing about Michelle is her heart.

*cue the Toy's R Us Song