I know but I forget

I saw this on A Design So Vast and thought I might learn something from filling in the blanks

I am: happy with how my presentation went and also really happy to be home after a few days in Louisville for CCCC's.

I think: about everything all at once, hoping to control as much as possible.

I know: myself, my flaws, my fears but I always feel like there's more to discover about my place in the world

I want: to do something new, to carve out a space that plays to my strengths as a person, scholar and teacher.

I have: such a rich and full life.

I dislike
: Overinflated egos, racism, homophobia, cruelty

I miss: my family, sweet tea and porch conversations

I fear: making the wrong decisions

I feel: things shifting around me

I hear: the cat meowing

I smell: chapstick and chocolate

I crave: more time to read and think about things deeply

I usually: take on too much

I search: for inspiration, for the answers, for a sense of security that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing

I wonder: if I should be doing more

I regret: the times I acted cruelly toward others

I love: road trips, the wind in my hair, sleeping late while it's raining outside, feeling loved one's warmth next to me

I care: what people think

I am always
: in chaos, losing something, leaving something I need behind

I worry: about everything

I remember
: picking blackberries off the vine at my great-grandmother's house, making forts in my brother's room, creating our club of 2, playing Mario Brothers and Jeopardy on Nintendo, feeling like the whole word was just waiting for me to discover it

I dance: awkwardly and thus, rarely

I sing
: in the car, in the shower--off key and loudly

I don’t always: consider other people before myself

I argue: frequently

I write: because I don't know how not to; I need a space to work out my thoughts

I lose: everything from my keys to computer cords and also at all card games

I wish: that I could change the world, that I was more generous with myself, with my time

I listen: to my heart

I don’t understand: hatred or making others feel small

I can usually be found
: behind a computer screen or watching TV or on the road, driving

I am scared: of doing or saying the wrong thing

I need
: to trust my instincts, to be less afraid

I forget
: plots to book I've read until I'm halfway through them, people's names, my keys, papers, important information,

I am happy
: near water, with my family and loved ones, relaxing on my deck in the sunlight, writing