Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We've been talking in my composition course about romance. And with Valentine's Day coming up, I have been thinking about my own definition of romance, of thoughtfulness, of what would make a perfect Valentine's Day present. This guide represents stuff I like, which is, to me what makes a gift thoughtful, romantic. The most lovely thing I think someone can do for the one they love is to show they listen, to show that they know him/her. A box of chocolates and roses are typical. Fannie Mae pixies and Gerbera daisies, however are my favorites and to receive those would be sweet. To me, romance, is about gestures, not necessarily huge ones but personal ones. So here are some thoughtful gift ideas that you might find useful for your own Valentine or yourself because sometimes you have to be your own Valentine.


1. <3 sterling silver heart necklace $75 2. Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus (available on 2/14 but available for pre-order) $50 3. 2G Crystal Heart USB Drive $30 4. Pewter Love Tokens $16 5. Momiji Resin Dolls $12 6. Magnetic Changeable Desktop Turtles $22 7. Plush Microbes $8 8. Netflix Subscription starts at $8.99 (Build an Instant Queue of Romance movies, perfect for a night in; you'll need a computer, PS3, Wireless Blu-ray Player, X-Box, or Roku in order to view the instant Queue) 9. I heart robot pillow case set One robot says, "Good night, I love you." The other says, "Love you too, sleep tight." $40 10. Mini Rilla Wristlet $31 11. Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers $30 each