mindful: deleting stuff is good

M hates using my computer because of all the programs leave open as well as the tendency to have a bunch of crap (folders and files) all over my desktop. I'd like to think it's because I'm good at multitasking but in reality I often work distractedly because I move between tabs and programs. I read blogs and emails; I check Facebook. I work on whatever I'm working on for a bit (designing, writing, photoshopping, etc.) and then I update my calendars or chat with M. In other words, I'm usually all over the place and I wonder if our practices have influenced the technology (Firefox, for example, recently added a + tab, making it ridiculously easy to add tabs for. You no longer have to press CTRLN...ooh) or if the technology influences our practices, though it's probably a bit of both.

I try, periodically, to clear off my desktop but I have trouble not having a lot of windows and programs open. So yesterday when I saw the prompt on the mindfulist to create a minimalist computing experience that it would be a challenge I needed to undertake.

So I went from this, which is actually a lot better already than it usually is:

to this which emphasizes my word for the year :