better late than never

Because the gift of the Roku went over so well with my mom, M and I decided to try Netflix, mostly for the Instant Queue feature. We canceled our premium movie channels saving over $30 a month. We have a PS3 which will play the Instant Queue with a disk you get from Netflix. So, it came about a week or so ago and I was ridiculously excited about it. I started added movies and TV shows that I always wanted to watch but somehow never got around to, for whatever reason. M and I had talked about renting Lost DVDs for a while but when I saw they were on Instant Q, I thought "fantastic!"

Little did I know that adding them and then watching a few episodes would lead M to a full on Lost addict. The new season begins in a few weeks and despite the fact we're in the middle of Season 2, M somehow thinks we'll be almost caught up when it starts. So, if she isn't returning your phone calls, it's because she's watching Lost, not necessarily because she has 2 jobs. Don't let her fool you.

I do like the show a lot and I see why people love it. There's so much there to get caught up in, so many connections and mysteries. Don't give anything away if you comment on this post, though. Because while I do and don't want to know what happens; I really do want the surprises in store to shock me the way they shocked fans originally. I do know that it gets even more jaw dropping as the seasons go on but right now I'm just reveling in the wondering.