technical update

You may have noticed the blog design change, which occurred for many reasons. One, I felt like it was time and I was getting a bit annoyed with how the comment features with the other design worked only intermittently though I've yet to determine if that is a plug-in issue or a design one.

Also, my friend, B, told me she didn't like how the other design segmented the posts into articles and how you couldn't just read past posts easily. So everything just gelled together and I thought, "I should do something about that." I love the layout here designed by BrightCherry which I have modified through color scheme, and graphics (header and rss icon, andsidebar icons I carried over from the last design).

Blog Design 9/09 Blog Design 9/09

I also linked my blog to my facebook page, which for a while I'd resisted doing, mainly because I wasn't sure how much I could filter who saw my posts within facebook. It seems weird to be concerned about a public blog and who is reading it. But I didn't want my students or all my family members to have such easy access to what I say in this space. Sure, they could probably all find my blog if they looked, but the thing is they don't look. Having the feed right on their wall posts, however, is a different thing altogether. Once I found out I could filter the notes (how FB treats my blog posts) I decided that if I wanted an audience, if I wanted readers then why not pull the spaces together. I have yet to decide if I think it was a good idea or not.