things I'm learning

1. A workout playlist is crucial for those days when you just cannot imagine moving one more muscle, but a good conversation while almost sweating to death is better.

2. I love orange juice. And also plums. These are new affinities for me and my obsession with them both might be a bit disturbing, actually.

3. I use a lot more dishes, particularly glasses and spoons, than I ever thought possible.

4. Anything soaked in lemon juice and then grilled is a winner in my book.

5. I do care about fitting into clothes I'd planned to give away because they were too small. And yes, though it is cliche and embarrassing to admit, I do have a pair of skinny jeans I am waiting to get into, I think about 15-20 pounds will do it so ... by Christmas, expect a ridiculous but excited pic of me in the jeans.

6. I'm nervous about classes starting in a few weeks, not only because the insecurity about my teaching/advising/researching kicks in but also because I worry that it will be too easy to eat crappy food again. And not work out.