Dear Students who want to add my class to their schedule

Thank you. I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding my course, though you most likely desperately need it to graduate and you somehow only just realized this like now and there is absolutely no other time you can take the class because it's either 1) not offered at all or 2) the other available time seriously cuts into your party schedule/keg time/work/relationship/TV schedule. Let me explain something about overrides and class counts to you. There are number caps for classes for a variety of reasons, depending on the course. Typically, class sizes are small so you can get individual attention like, for example, your instructor knowing your name and something about you. When there are more than 20 students in a course this gets difficult because I teach 4 classes and a roundtable, meaning I have 90 students to remember. There is no personal slight intended if I say you cannot enter the class. It has nothing to do with you, actually. It has to do with my own sanity and the quality of my teaching.

"What's one more body," you might say.

I say, "One more body equals thousands of words. It equals responsibility for you, for your education while in my classroom, for your intellectual well-being. Adding students like yourself also changes the dynamics of an already established community in the classroom."

Also, before you go to the trouble of sounding all desperate and needy and pleading in your emails where you attempt to convince me how wonderful of an addition you will make to the class, you should 1) remember I am a rhetorician and 2) check to make sure the class doesn't conflict with something else in your schedule, like, say piano lessons. Oh, and it probably would help if you just addressed the email to Dr. Fitzgerald instead of Mr.


Dr. Fitzgerald