Most of you who know me, know I have a tendency to run late. This was a kind of epidemic before I met M, who is notoriously and often annoyingly early. Typically we meet somewhere in the middle and are on time. But for M, if she is on time, she feels late. Since we've been taking photos, we arrive early to scout possible opportunities, check light, etc. Saturday we had a senior portraits photoshoot in Gilman and I was not sure how long it would take us to get there and set up, though I knew we'd be early. Turns out we were way early. So, we decided to play a lyric game similar to the "lunchtime leadoff" contest that our radio station holds everyday where you name a lyric and guess the title and artist. The radio station gives you the first line or two but our game involves lyrics from any part of the song. M and I find ourselves playing this game a lot, now, quoting or singing songs, thinking about what will stump one another. She really got me yesterday with Kid Rock's "Only God Knows Why" I could think of all the lines but not the song. It was killing me.

Anyway, it's much harder to think of lyrics that don't give songs away and to think of a wide variety of songs. But it got me thinking about some of my favorite lyrics that define particular times in my life or sentiments that resonate. This is no exhaustive list by any means and is not based on anything beyond my personal taste, and my own indulgence in nostalgia.

Matchbox 20:
1. She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway (from 3 a.m.)
This might be an obvious choice but it's a great lyric
2. You left a stain on every one of my good days (from Disease)
If you haven't known someone you could say that to then you're very lucky =).
3. There's an awful lot of breathing room but I can hardly move (from If You're Gone)
Oh, the stifling feeling of someone you love being away from you.

Foo Fighters
1. I needed somewhere to hang my head without your noose (from Best of You)
2. All my life I've been searching for something; something never comes, never leads to nothing. (from All My Life
3. And I wonder, when I sing along with you, if everything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever feel this real again. (from Everlong
4. Hook me up a new revolution 'cus this one is a lie. (from Learn to Fly)

1. All that she intends and all she keeps inside isn't on the label. (from Shimmer
2. Memories are just where you laid them (from Hemorrhage

Jack Johnson
1. I can't give you everything you want, but I could give you what you thought you need (from What You Need).
2. I've been losing lots of keys lately; I don't know what that means but maybe I've been better off with things that can't be locked at all. Losing Keys)
3. And I know that when she says she's gonna try it make not work because of other ties. I know she usually has some other ties and I wouldn't wanna break 'em. (from Flake)

Ben Harper
1. I knew a girl; her name was Truth. She was a horrible liar.
Diamonds on the Inside
2. The stones from my enemies; these wounds will mend. But I cannot survive roses from my friends. (from Roses from my Friends)
3. I'd rather walk alone than chase you around. I'd rather fall myself than let you drag me on down. (from Another Lonely Day)
4. You put the happy in my ness. You put the good times into my fun. (from Walk Away)


1. I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold. (Dishwalla, from Angels or Devils)
2. Destruction leads to a very rough road but it also breeds creation. (RHCP from Californication)

I think I will try to post some of my fave lyrics every so often. It'll keep me ready for the game, if M decides she wants to play again.