what's been going on

Since I've been back in Illinois my days seem hectic. As soon as I returned we went to an Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile concert at the Ravinia Festival. It was amazingly cool; M needed a sweatshirt. However, the awesome was also meet with sadness as we had to put Baby Kitty to sleep due to a growth on her bladder, really rare and impossible to do much about. I'm still quite sad and miss her every day. I don't know whether I'll be getting much more than a goldfish for a while.

I've been going to the gym 6 days a week, which takes up a lot of time. I've had meetings on campus, which have been rich with great conversations with my rhet/comp colleagues and I've been able to get to know one of the women who was on sabbatical when I started. I'm hoping that these discussions will jump start some of my motivation to get my semester planned out, or at least flexibly structured.

I've been working on a webtext that I recently turned in and because it is in the form of a blog, purposefully not linear, I'm worried that it is a bit "all over the place." I'm concerned that the content mirrors the structure, despite the fact that in article form I really liked what and how I said things. I find myself growing a bit insecure about the project now that it is going to be "out in the world." I should know in a month or so what the editors suggest in terms of changes so, I'm determined not to worry about it in the meantime.

Easier said than done. But I'm trying.

Next week I give a lunchtime talk on the "first year of being a professor" for the Future Professors workshop at Illinois State. I'm really excited, maybe too much so and am afraid I'll be overzealous with handouts and people will roll their eyes. I would.

Also, how did it get to be July?