letter to my readers who wonder where I've been, all 3 of you,

Dear Internets and reading public,

I realize I have been away for a while, that my summer blogging has been sporadic at best and neglectful at worst, but I've been enjoying summer for the first time in about 10 years as I have not had to do one of the following: clock in and out at a job, attend summer classes, teach, or frantically finish a dissertation. Each time I've begun a blog post, it seems impossible to wrap up what's been going on in my life since the last time I wrote you. It's like running into someone you haven't seen in years and they ask you how your life is and you suddenly feel like the most boring person in the world because you don't have much to say or kids to talk about/show off. My life has been gloriously calm and full of everyday moments that I miss while I'm teaching, driving to school and worrying about publishing, syllabi, advising (aka keeping my job).

I hope you will forgive me for ignoring you.

Here are some of the highlights since I've been away:

We got a 20 gallon fish tank, which is so awesome. We decorated it with black and neon rocks and some cool little statues that look kind of like castle ruins. One has a bridge that includes a bubbler so when enough air pressure creates bubbles, the bridge lifts. My neighbor, Kylie, who is 2 1/2, loves watching it and screams "do it again, bridge," whenever she's helping us feed the fish. Someone told me that having fish and watching them swim around lowers your blood pressure. We will see if they're right when classes begin again. We have 6 fish: 2 mollies (1 dalmation and 1 lyre tail) Hendrix and Joplin, 2 danios (a zebra danio and a glo danio--the ones genetically engineered to be neon colors; ours is orange) Z and O, one fish we dunno what kind it is whose name is T-Bone and we have a rubber lip algae guy named Mr. R.L. Fish.

I started working out with M and have lost about 6 pounds, so far. It is very difficult, for me, to hit the gym every day but once I'm there I enjoy feeling my body move and twist and stretch and work hard. I spend most of my life in my head and it's hard sometimes to jolt myself into daily movements. I look forward to a few months from now when I can begin more intense weights and maybe even running. I did get a much better response from my doctor about my health than I did this time last year so that is promising. Though losing weight is great, I am really more about being healthy so I don't miss out on things I want to do like hiking to waterfalls in Starved Rock, and eventually running a marathon. Also, I've been in deep thought about having children (that's another blog post for another time) and I want to be in excellent physical shape for all that that entails.

I've been trying to read books that I want to read not that I need to read for classes. I'm starting on The Graveyard Book soon and eventually I will get to the long list I wrote down of must reads. I've been watching movies on Blu-ray and seasons of Charmed on DVD. I've been cleaning for my mom's visit (T-minus 2 hours) and grilling with the neighbors. I've taken pictures and learned about morning light, what is good and not good about it. I've slept better than I have in years and I haven't thought much about summer ending, though I know it's just around the corner.

So, internets, you haven't missed much and yet you've missed it all.

I promise to get back to more mundane reporting of my weirdness. But seriously, you should really be outside enjoying the dog days of summer. I am.

with affection,