Weekend in Indy

While M has been in Chicago, I went to visit my close friends Maria and Omer in Indianapolis. They're moving soon and so I wanted to take the opportunity to spend time with them before they move abroad. I got kind of a slow start on Friday but traffic wasn't bad and I got there around 4. We picked up Omer from work and later grabbed dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. The squash casserole was amazing and the chicken I ordered wasn't bad but Maria ordered this amazing fish; I'd say she won the best order award. We'd planned on going to White River Gardens' Butterfly Garden and the Indy Zoo but it rained so we went to see Transformers in Imax instead, which was really cool. So Sunday, it was beautiful and we hit the Zoo and Gardens then. The Zoo was pretty cool; I loved the lemurs and the bears the best.

The butterfly garden was amazing, beyond amazing. I'd been to one before at the Exploreum in Mobile but the one at White River exceeded my expectations. The gardens were also really beautiful. But you can see for yourself below: