moment of beauty

I've had a busy, weird week as it is the end of the semester and there are tons of things to do before we break for summer. I'm wearing many hats right now and in these positions there are expectations and responsibilities under which I've been straining.

Today has been particularly difficult because, for some reason, everything has been just a bit off. No huge disasters, just lots of little annoying things not going exactly right. I find myself just feeling cranky and edgy. But, I decided to pause and think about all of the great things happening because it's just too easy to get bogged down in the hysteria and insanity of the world right now. Lately, whenever I've needed moments of beauty I've turned to photography. So for today here is a picture I took while in Indianapolis this weekend. I'm not sure exactly what flower this is but I really like it. Hope you find some beauty in the small things throughout your day.