discord and rhyme

Thursday, despite the fact I started coming down with a cold, Mom and I visited Zooworld in PCB. It was not crowded as it was the middle of the week but there were enough people there to make it seem like a friendly place. It was hot, of course, and by the time of the alligator show we thought we'd seen pretty much everything. However, we were waiting for the wolf show and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Below are pictures of Dakota, a 190 pound wolf. He and his brother, Montana, were awesome, though. They acted just like big dogs, wanting attention, rolling around in the dirt. Mom and I got our picture with Montana which I'll have to scan and upload later since the Zooworld photog took them.

Afterward, we went to the Museum of Man in the Sea, a small but very cool historical look at diving devices, equipment and underwater vehicles.

Unfortunately since this awful summer cold knocked me on my ass, I spent Friday laying on the couch catching up on episodes of Harper's Island, which is a fantastic, creepy, drawn out horror movie disguised as a suspense thriller. There are plenty of cringeworthy moments, but like every good horror film these endear you to the characters, particularly those like Chloe and JD both of whom are more than they seem. I don't know what kinds of reviews the show is getting but I'm not sure I care. I love watching it; it's a good summer fling: temporary and full of guilty pleasures.

I'm feeling so much better, only hacking up disgusting fluids occasionally, still full of gunk, but overall cheery. There's a picnic tomorrow where I am sure I will become the gigantic mosquitoes' lunch.