design update

I've shared with you many times (like here, here, also here and loads of other posts) my (quite possibly) unnatural desire to design and code blog designs, particularly when something stressful is happening. I need something small, minute, detail-oriented on which to focus. I don't knit, so I code.

This update, however, occurred because I've become obsessed with the idea of using a magazine/news style Wordpress template for the online version of the school paper. I'm the technical advisor and I want to simplify the way the paper makes its way online and also have a bit of creative and technical freedom. I've been experimenting with a few styles and designs but I know the best way to understand something is to use it. For a week or so I've been playing with tweaking magazine style templates and organizing information using tags, of which I am a HUGE fan. So nerdy of me.

Like most drafts, and I think of each design as a draft in the process of blogging, each of my blog designs is usually drastically different. I've chosen completely different styles of templates to code, used multiple css schemes to change the look and feel of the blog. While I liked the previous style a lot, aesthetically, the "stuff" I wanted it to do just wasn't there. I make get antsy again and completely change what's here now, but I feel like I'm at least trying to evolve the blog through the design choices.

You can take a look for yourself by looking at some designs I've archived to track my progression as a designer and as a blogger.

Blog Design Archive 2006-5/2009 Blog Design Archive 2006-5/2009