Tuesday Music

I've had the Naked Eyes' song Promises, Promises in my head for a week. And today I found a kind of acoustic-y version on iTunes which is actually really cool. I usually like covers of songs where other singers/songwriters interpret classic songs. One of my favorites is still Ben Harper's cover of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. Of course, I adore almost any song Ben Harper does, so I'm not unbiased. However, if you haven't heard it, you must. Oh look, I found a YouTube clip of Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals doing this cover at the Hollywood Bowl:

And by the way, the new Ben Harper album is beyond excellent. If you have to choose only one song to download I'd make it either "Why Must You Always Dress in Black" or "Lay There and Hate Me," both of which are more electric funk than blues but have a kind of blues rhythm to them. "Why Must You Always Dress in Black" reminds me of the drums of the Allman Brothers Band with the guitar of Jimmy Hendrix. It's wicked and good. If you like songs like "Forever" or more ballad-y stuff, you'll love "Skin Thin." I haven't found a song on the album that I don't want to listen to again and again. You can listen to tracks from the album, White Lies for Dark Times on last.fm.

Also, Pete Yorn has an album coming out in a few weeks and it's one I greatly anticipate. He's released "Don't Wanna Cry" of which you can hear a brief clip. It's promising, I think and I look forward to what the rest of the album has to offer.

Finally, if you do nothing else today, check out Amie Mirello. I love her song, "I Came Around" but her whole album is worth a listen, particularly the title track and "Brand New" and the following is like a preview of the album.

And there you have it, Music for your Tuesday or whenever you're reading this.