Reflecting on Memes: Then & Now

Yesterday I presented with a colleague at the Allerton Articulation Conference. I talked about reflection as a literacy, a way to think about reading and writing practices and a way to understand and contribute to larger bodies of knowledge. But mostly I talked about reflection as play, using Internet memes. And now wheels are turning about fine-tuning and adding to the presentation for a larger article or webtext. During the discussion I realized that my talk was about something else entirely, something I need to think more deeply about in order to form some connections to other thoughts rolling around lately.

To show some examples of memes I linked to ones I'd done here and noticed that I used to do them much more regularly than I have lately. As I begin to think about reflection and story and language, I'm going to try and participate in more memes that I come across. I did one for the presentation that I'm posting below; it's one I did about 3 years ago and what was really cool was to compare my answers and reflect on the changes in those 3 years. I think it's an exercise with great merit. If I were doing it with students I would have to adjust the ages, since many of them might not have been born 20 years ago.

20 years ago I

1. was 11 years old and obsessed with the Chronicles of Narnia
2. I did a project on poems on the topic of Death and suddenly everyone was worried about me
3. spent the summer in Mobile with my grandparents, peeling shrimp with the women one day, holding the flashlight while my grandfather worked on cars the next

10 years ago I

1. turned 21, 3 days before my grandfather died
2. changed my major again
3. owned a Toyota Corolla with a sunroof and spent the summer at the beach

5 years ago I

1. was in my Ph.D. program at Illinois State
2. met the love of my life
3. missed Alabama terribly

3 years ago I

1. finished coursework
2. had a French exchange student living with me
3. got stuck in Minnesota in a snowstorm with a dear friend

1 year ago I

1. attended my brother’s wedding
2. received my Ph.D & started a tenure-track job
3. bought my first new car

So far this year I

1. have become a complete design nerd
2. have listened to 20 books on CD
3. had an awesome road trip

Yesterday I

1. searched for Cracker Jacks
2. cursed my cell phone provider
3. bought a doorbell

Today I

1. changed this presentation
2. filed my taxes
3. wished it were warmer

Tomorrow I

1. will meet with students struggling in my web design course
2. will teach 3 classes
3. will wish it were 4 weeks from now

In the next year I

1. will publish an article from my dissertation research
2. will budget my time AND money better
3. will read more books… for fun

My response from 2 years ago