foodie road trip

It's no secret that I love food, all kinds of food. I love sharing food and conversation with others. I've sat at restaurants, that annoying customer who won't leave, for hours talking to friends. I'm Southern; it's what we do. We don't simply eat; we dine.

So as M and I planned our Spring Break road trip, one of the things wanted to do was plot out some great places to eat along the way. We knew we were going to try to get reservations at Culinariane, Ariane Duarte's from Top Chef, restaurant. And I'd seen some recent episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives which featured a few places in the locations we were going.

In Virginia, we went to Doumar's Cones & Barbecue where they hand make cones, and limeades. I ordered a cone; M had one of the limeades which was delicious. Not only are they made of freshly squeezed limes but they're also hand mixed, no blenders. It's amazing. Here's a pic of M with her limeade underneath the Doumar's sign.

seriously good ice-cream

After a few days in Virginia, which were plagued by rainy, gray, cold skies, we went to Connecticut to visit M's family. We arrived in time to see her cousin get his head shaved as part of a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. It was really cool to see all the kids volunteering to shave their heads, especially the ones with pretty long hair. There was even a girl who cut her long hair, donated it to Locks of Love and then shaved her head. Also at the event was the Super Duper Weenie truck, which had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives but I'd forgotten about it completely. I had to walk out to the car and raid our toll change but how could I resist?

This picture doesn
We headed to New Jersey to visit M's best friend from college. As fate would have it she lives in the same town where Ariane Duarte from Top Chef has her restaurant, Culinariane. Everything about our dining experience was amazing. The food was out of this world. I mean it was indescribably wonderful. I ordered the halibut; I love fish and I try to order it when I can get it fresh. It was fantastic, just flaked off in my mouth. I'm telling you it was the best food I've had in years. We grabbed a crappy, low resolution picture with Ariane. I didn't realize I had the point and shoot in my purse so we used M's camera on her phone which doesn't have a flash and the light was low. But we have the picture just the same.

While in New Jersey we also visited Tick-Tock Diner, once again featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and is much bigger than I expected inside. It's famous for its burgers, which M and I split. It was very good and they also make a mean iced tea.


We went into NYC for the day and ate at Supermac, which has all kinds of mac and cheese. We ordered 3 different kinds but my favorite was the 4 cheese, though I think I overdid it with the cheesiness. Still, it was delicious.

That pretty much sums up the interesting places we visited. Of course, we did have Chik-Fil-A in Virginia, which was full of awesomeness and we ate fantastic food at Geoff and Sabine's, our lovely hosts. We had paninis which ignited a desire for all things melted between bread. Sabine made this amazing chicken curry and pasta; it was the perfect level of spice for me and was fantastic all around, despite the wheat noodles we teased her about. Geoff made Shepherd's Pie and a pork and sticky rice dish that was yum. We were treated so well by everyone we visited, friends, family, restaurateurs and strangers--the girl in CVS who let M use the bathroom and gave us directions, superfriendly for a Connectican (sp?), or so I'm told.

Unfortunately upon our return, I came down with one of the worst colds I've experienced and though I'm feeling a lot better, I still can't breathe well; I have a raw nose from all the sneezing and my head aches. But believe me, it's better than it was on Tues or Wednesday. M has been a decent nurse. Baby Kitty has kept me company and I've been watching OTH season one on DVD which has inspired a post soon to come.