hitting the highway

I love road trips. I love driving long distances with friends, choosing playlists, gathering snacks, planning routes. I love the uncertainty of what the journey and the destination will bring. I used to take road trips often, as an undergrad and grad student. Joe, remember that crazy, hey let's leave in 3 hours Florida trip we took?

I am lucky; M enjoys travel. She is a fantastic navigator and seasoned road tripper. She understands that half the fun is getting somewhere and she's excellent at planning, and also remembering the important stuff like clean underwear and toothbrushes. She's also excellent at reading me, at sensing my restlessness. This trip we're about to take along the coastline was her idea. I've felt a distinct longing, lately; I called it homesickness. M called it restlessness. Either way, I've felt the need to take to the road, to see something new, to create an adventure.

We leave in the morning for Virginia to visit friends we haven't seen in 5 years. We'll hang it in Norfolk and Va Beach for a few days before heading to Connecticut to see M's family and then to New Jersey/New York to visit M's friend, Reuders. We have things loosely planned but mostly, I just want to take pictures and have fun and do no work whatsoever.

Expect things here to be lighter than usual but we'll be posting a pic a day over on our photoblog.

Imagine all the fun we're having Imagine all the fun we