Birthday Wish List

I've always thought I was lucky that my birthday comes not long after Christmas. As a kid, I always asked for things for my birthday that I did not get for Christmas. This year was kind of tough because I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas. So I put together a list of cool stuff I like and would like to have, stuff I would not buy myself or that I haven't yet bought myself. I think the list will take me through Valentine's Day and our anniversary though I might be surprised.


1. Aquarius Zodiac Charm Necklace by Marc Poulin
2. Kara B laptop messenger bag
3. World of Warcraft Priest Class T-shirt
4. Dark City (Director's Cut) Blu-ray
5. On and On Jack Johnson
6. Brushfire Fairytales Jack Johnson
7. 30 Days of Night Blu-ray
8. The Truman Show Blu-ray
9. The Bourne Trilogy Blu-ray
10. Silicone Pot Holders/Trivets (Set of 4)
11. Robo-Bedding by Land of Nod
12. Relic Midsize Casual Moving Color Watch
13. If you're interested... t-shirt by Threadless
14. Wilton Indulgence Professional Bakeware 9 1/2" Angel Food Cake Pan
15. Peanut Butter and Jelly Bagel Knife
16. Bakers Rolling Pin (Silcone)
17. Open Sesame! Password Reminder Book
18. Siliconezone Kitchenzone Cutting Boards
19. The Bowl that Ran Away with the Spoon by Elan Falvai, Flavour Design
20. Robot Lamp Base by Urban Outfitters