best of 2009: project + website

Though it may seem totally lame, the project that I started this year that I'm most proud of is learning to cook. One of my goals last year was to cook more, including baking. While I didn't take cooking classes or anything like that, I still consider it a project that I undertook. I tried out many recipes, particularly soup recipes and some were more successful than others. I discovered a few that were amazing including cheesy potato soup which has become kind of a signature dish, which is cool. I use the slow cooker a lot because it's easy, but also because I really love the kind of comfort food for which I find recipes.

Because I'm always looking for recipes I used and recipe puppy a lot. I appreciate the reviews on all recipe; I like seeing how different people modified the recipes and how I might put my own spin on things.

I look forward to cooking even more in the New Year. And who knows, maybe I'll even post some of my own recipes on allrecipes.