Best of 2009: Changes to Place You Live

We've made quite a few changes to our townhouse this year. Some were simple almost unnoticeable changes like moving the orientation of our kitchen table. Others were more obvious like the fish tank we added. It's funny because I can't remember what was in that space before. I love the calming effect of just watching the fish swim around. But the best change, I think, is moving out of the bigger bedroom, turning it into our game room/guest room and moving into the smaller one. When we moved in we'd intended to have a game room downstairs but as soon as we discovered our basement occasionally takes on water, we nixed that idea. So we weren't making use of our space very well. As soon as we made the change, I was glad we did. A few months later my friend Maria told me she was taking a job in the Middle East and selling most of her belongings. Luckily, M and I were able to add quite a few pieces of furniture to our place. The best two by far are the double love seat and best of all: our new bed. I'm telling you, this bed is beyond amazing. Additionally, the heated mattress pad that my brother and Joanna gave us for Christmas makes sleep that much better. Even though it's a queen-size bed and takes up more room in our smaller room, I don't notice a significant difference in how much, or little space I have to walk around in. In fact, I feel like it fits more perfectly in the space than it would in the larger room. I've read a lot about creating a sanctuary in which to sleep, that you shouldn't have a lot of distractions because it prevents you from being able to sleep. So, you shouldn't work or have an office or anything like it in your bedroom. It's been really nice to have a place that feels like our space, that isn't shared with a desk or loads of other crap that we own.