Best of 2009: Best Place

I traveled several times this year both alone and with M. I stayed with family and in hotels. Have I ever mentioned how much I love hotels. I have a weird obsession with hotel rooms, especially ones in really nice conference centers or boutique hotels. One of mentors told me that during her dissertation writing she would check into hotels for days at a time to write. I can see the appeal. There's this anonymity to hotels and this odd sort of feeling comfortable in a place that is supposed to shelter you temporarily, particularly at times when you feel vulnerable. The best hotel I stayed in this year was probably the Kellogg Center at FemRhet both because it was super convenient and because everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

As wonderful as that hotel was, it is not my favorite place. The best thing about traveling, in my opinion, is coming home. And as clichéd as it is, my favorite place is my townhouse. I love the room, all the space that of course I've filled with stuff; but it's mine. Within it my two favorite places are the couch and my bed, but only if M is beside me. Because really, the best place in my world at any given point, is a place with her in it.

I've learned this year moreso than any before to appreciate the small things. My favorite thing to do is pop in a blu ray, sit with M on the couch and just be together. I once wrote a poem called "I wish my life was boring" and when I look back on it, the life I wished for is the life I have right now. Could it be better? Of course; I could be more organized and make better decisions. I could think more quickly before I speak. I could prioritize my life better; I could tell M how important she is and I could do so more often.

But from where I sit, on the very couch I mention, this is the only place I want to be.