robot dreams

I had this completely bizarre dream the other night. Michelle and I were trying to save these people from bad guys and do this we had to go back in time. Something went a bit awry and the people we were trying to rescue somehow came back to the present with us. (Very Bill and Ted). A plot to kill these people involved wiring robots with bombs and when I discovered this, in my dream, I got very upset. I managed to de-activate the bomb but couldn't rescue the robots. And in my dream as I'm talking to Michelle I begin crying and saying, "Why do they always have to hate on the robots?" Totally bizarre.

On campus I'm busy settling into my office. I recently put up this picture on one of the walls:

The chair recently came in and commented that he loved the film and had the same poster but was hesitant to put it up in his office in the fear that it might come off as offensive. I certainly understand his point. I had this conversation with Marie about whether I should take it down or not. I decided, instead, to put up a note that says, "Ask me about this image." We'll see what happens. No one hardly ever comes in to my office anyway. But at least it will show that I'm conscious of the potential to offend. After all, I wouldn't want to appear offensive or embarrassing.