the great printer rebellion of 2008

I always tell my students "It is not a question of IF technology will fail you only a question of when it will do so, most likely a crucial moment. You have to be prepared for anything." Typically, the technology failing is the printer. It is a technology that holds a lot of power. I know this because every single time I need to print something and I have limited time to turn something in the printers in my life rebel against me. Case in point: last night I went to print the dissertation and my printer refused the print job. It seemed to me the printer was just being pouty. M wrangled with it for a while but it was stubborn in its refusal and we finally left it alone.

I thought I had a great plan: to print at Marie's. It seemed like thinsg would go well, we printed signature pages I needed signed and headed off to a very nice lunch at Destihl. (Ask me later about the asparagus spears and cheese curds, a little taste of heaven, I think.) After almost leaving the forms (in the infamous manila envelope) on the table, we head off to get the last signature. We pick up printer ink and Diet Pepsi at Walgreens where I proceed to drive about five blocks in the wrong direction while Marie stares blankly. When I ask why am I going this way?, we make some incredibly inappropriate jokes related to a Gilmore Girls' episode and almost suffocate with laughter on the way home. The printers, however, were not amused and neither of Marie's 2 printers wanted to cooperate. I think they silently disapproved of our comments but whatever. The HP All-in-One is resolute in his non-cooperation. There are flashing lights and error messages. It's a blatant disregard for our authority. What hot-headed machines. The HP laserjet apparently does not get along with Macs. I don't know the sordid history there but I am sure there is one and I bet it involves tequila.

Thankfully, Marie has her old HP, rickety and haggard though it may be, that carries a torch for the laserjet and will do anything it asks, so we're hoping to capitalize on that relationship and get all 3 dissertation copies printed so we can have a slumber party later. I smell cotton candy.