reality defense

Trying to coordinate three professors' summer schedules with their aerobics classes and kids' summer camps and whatever else is going on-- is like a comedy of errors. Tuesday I met with the Dissertation Examiner for a format check on the version of my diss. without the screenshots I had planned to include. I needed written permission for most of them and did not have time to get it as I'm running pretty close to the deadlines for graduation. Though I still had a few things I needed to reformat, I was able to get the much coveted "Right to Defend" Form which I needed to schedule my dissertation defense. Form in hand, I went to the department office to schedule the room, date and time. And like much of this process, quickly turned into me running around in circles. One time wouldn't work for one person and another time there was no location available. When there was a location available at a time that worked, one person didn't like the room that was available. I was literally running between the offices trying to figure out all of the details. I left the office feeling exhausted without any specific plans being made except that there were 2 viable options to choose from. I was waiting to hear back from one committee member about which of the times worked best; I already knew that either would probably work but wanted to be sure. I was disappointed that when I got home I would not instantly see the announcement "Devon Fitzgerald's dissertation defense has been scheduled..." But I also did not want to choose a time that was inconvenient and put my defense further behind. So I waited. When by around 3 I had not heard from anyone, I decided to choose one of the times and locations we'd previously talked about. So, my defense is officially scheduled for Monday, July 28 at 2 p.m. in Williams 308. Dissertation defenses are open to whoever wants to attend so it will be interesting to see who shows up. I know some of my friends are coming and M's mom. I hope they are not bored. My thesis defense was full of people, a mix of family, colleagues and friends. We'll see how this one goes. I am a bit nervous, I have to say.

We're moving this weekend. I'm also nervous and excited about that. Lots and lots of changes coming up. Last night I felt like I was going to have a panic attack over the sheer amount of change coming in a short number of days. I've waited so long for all of this to happen; I dreamed about it and stressed and worried about the possibilities. I'm not quite sure what to do with the realities.