As you can see I have made some changes to the blog. I'm hoping this design and structure will support comments unlike the previous one I tried. I'm pretty happy with the changes aesthetically, so as long as I can receive and make comments I'll be sticking with this structure for a while.

In dissertation news, I am waiting to hear back from the person at Milner who advises on copyright. See, in my chapter two I have some screenshots from my profiles and widgets on (which changed its site design sometime while I was in dissertation land and so some of my images may no longer seem relevant), GoodReads, as well as a shot from my own blog. The Dissertation Examiner was not sure about using them so we sent the question to the expert and I'm waiting to see what she says. I'll pull them out if I have to have specific permission because there just isn't time to track down the necessary permission. Not to mention I'd have no idea who to ask anyway. It's interesting to see the kinds of issues that arise when studying social media.

As soon as I know whether I can use the images or not, I can submit my dissertation for the second format check and receive my right to defend form and schedule my defense. I think I've managed to correct all the formatting mistakes I made. Formatting is kind of like coding html and trying to figure out why something is not showing up right on your webpage. A lot of my dissertation process could be described as trying to figure out and break the code.

Hopefully, I will know something tomorrow.

For now, I'm packing, test driving cars and redesigning blogs. I got my Illinois Driver's License recently. I felt a bit silly but I was kind of excited about it. I think because it signals a kind of permanence, finally. Michelle also added me to her car insurance since it turns out only the car was listed on my Gran's insurance and not me. Strange.

Even though we are a bit stressed because we begin moving on Friday, everything feels a lot more even keeled in my life than it has for the past year, which is a relief.

Thanks for hanging around while things were in turmoil.