stupid things and the help that follows

I have done a lot of stupid things in my life. I've made not so great decisions, gotten involved in relationships and friendships with people who were not good for me. I know that these decisions, these circumstances have shaped me somehow. I have learned from each less than advantageous move and tried to learn so that next time I don't make the same kind of mistake. In a life full of mistakes, some of my actions have led to dire consequences. I submit the following:

the death knell for the Taurus

Yes, that is my Ford Taurus or what's left of it after driving through some high water that I didn't realize was so deep. As of now, we think the car is dead though some of our more expert friends will be looking at it in the next few days to let us know more definitively.

My mother has graciously decided to loan me her car until we figure something else out. She'll share with my dad. I'll pick up the car at Matt's wedding, which means we'll be driving two cars back but there's no real way around it. We're hoping that M's brother can be a passenger and help break up some of the drive for M who hates driving and is now faced with a 11 hour drive, potentially alone. But we are grateful and so we do what we have to do.

Perhaps one day, this incident will be a stupid thing where I look back and laugh or at least can talk about without stomach pangs. At the height of my dissertation panic, I have a way of complicating my life and bring M along for the ride. I'm hoping that one day, my life will feel more settled and that I won't always feel how I feel right now.

Also, it is boiling hot in our apartment and I can't convince M to turn on the air. I'm thinking about starting a petition about it, but wonder if she'd be convinced. Maybe I should do a PowerPoint instead.