along the way

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The above are pictures from Ruby Falls where M and I stopped on our way to Athens, Ga for Computers and Writing.

I am really bad at taking pictures at Conferences. I either forget my camera or miss the opportunity for the picture. I suppose it means I am spending time enjoying the conference instead of taking pictures, which for CW2008 was definitely the case. However, I am sad that I have no pictures of my conference friends and colleagues. Sigh, maybe next year.

I had great fun at the conference. It was both intellectually and emotionally provoking. I made some new friends and saw some old ones. I attended quite a few presentations and typically found at least one or more interesting things to take away from most of them. But the most significant benefit from my time in Athens was talking to colleagues and mentors in the field who helped me somehow realize connections (in my dissertation research) that I hadn't seen before and will help me tie the chapters together, hopefully. I left Athens feeling refreshed, feeling like maybe I can actually be successful in finishing the chapters and revisions. The goal I set comes in 2 weeks (right before the wedding) and I'm counting on these feelings staying with me so I can reach it.

Marie says the changes stem from my taking myself seriously and maybe she's right. I think that I'm finally beginning to realize what happens when I'm done. And I'm looking forward to the sense of accomplishment.