the calm, which is not so calm

If I remembered the stress that comes from returning from travel, I would probably never leave Illinois. The actual traveling went well and was relatively uneventful. It's just a very long way and is exhausting. We also did quite a lot of driving visiting my family and considering they live about 25 minutes from all the places I wanted to eat; there was driving there and back quite often. We spent a great deal of time in the van M's mom let us borrow and boy was I ever grateful for that. It was so much more comfortable than spending that much time in my car. You'll notice in the photos that there aren't actually any photos taken at C's which was the reason for the trip. That's because I showed up did my thing and left. I just wasn't as invested as I am at most conferences. Though I did run into someone I knew in junior high, which was/is surreal.

Now, I have a bit more than a month before we leave for my favorite conference, Computers and Writing, being held That conference will begin a busy few weeks which will include my brother's wedding and grading AP tests, Michelle will be in California and then the following month we move. So yeah, welcome to the calm before the storm.