suffering loudly

The first time I ever had laryngitis was in Kindergarten. I remember the torture of not being able to communicate. I talk a lot and as a kid I talked even more. I could write some, so I carried around paper and a pencil in case I had a question or needed something like to ask to go to the bathroom. I've been hoarse and lost my voice since then but not usually to the point where I can't speak at all. Since I've gotten sick and my nose and chest are full of phlegm, it's been more difficult to talk because it hurts or sounds just awful. Yesterday, at the grocery store my voice was high-pitched and squeaky. M kept asking me to repeat things partly because she couldn't hear me and partly because I sounded hilarious like Mickey Mouse sucked on helium.

I've been pretty awful, complaining in a series of moans and grunts or whining about how badly I feel. Michelle is pretty fed up with it and so am I, to be honest. I hate being sick; like anyone enjoys it really. But I think that some people are more quiet and graceful when they're sick, protesting they don't need anything; they suffer silently. Not me. I suffer loudly and obnoxiously, reminding everyone around me that I am unwell. Just in case you forgot in the few minutes it took you to read this: I FEEL ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!

Sigh. courtesy of imagezoo