letter to march

Dear March,

I've never been really sure how to feel about you. In my childhood memories you signal the beginning of something. You trumpet transformation but with icy blasts of wind and the cruelty is that there is no change at all. You are still full of winter and frost. While there have been moments of sunshine and warmth, you have remained distant and cold. I mean, come on, March; Easter snow, seriously?

I know you have a reputation, which must have given you a kind of complex over the whole lion and lamb comparison. And this year you also had to manage St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break(s) and Easter; I can only imagine the pressure. However, why must you torture those of us who long for the end of bare trees and sparse brown grass? You are supposed to bring some semblance of Spring and yet you continue to deny us. I have tried being patient with you, March. I held out as long as I could before writing you. I was holding out hope, trying to be patient, thinking that any day you might embrace your role as one who carries sunshine, dandelions, all sorts of blossoms and all things green. As one who precedes April I am sure you are aware of my love affair but as I have said before, it doesn't take much to gain my affection. You could put in a little effort, March. Perhaps I could at least learn to understand you. Also, if you could have a conversation with the other months in this year and encourage them to bring positive moments and other wonderful things because so far, you haven't been so great to some of my friends and I'd like to see the rest of 2008 be full of light and generosity, kindness and success for all of us.

With much appreciation,