I couldn't have asked for a better visit to Millikin, well except for the weather. But everything else went really smoothly: the technology worked; my hair looked great; I felt confident in my suit and I didn't fall or do anything else embarrassing. The weather was crazy and I ended up spending the night in Decatur. While the visit was wonderful, I wasn't prepared for how drained and exhausted how I would feel afterwards. I think I am still suffering the consequences. Well, that combined with my birthday and my parents' visit.

My parents left this morning in an attempt to beat the snow that's predicted for later. It was sad they cut their time short. But I definitely didn't want them to get stuck here and regret coming up. I feel like I was so busy when they were here that I hardly got to spend any time with them but that's pretty typical.

M and I are supposed to go to the women's basketball game tonight. I wonder if the weather will hold out for us. Guess, we'll wait and see.