letter to january part two

Dear January,

I knew that you would not be able to sustain your warmth for me but I'd hoped it would last longer than this. My parents are visiting in a week and I do hope that you show some kind of affection to them. It would be nice if we could all walk outside or even stand in your sunshine without fear that our ears or fingers or toes will fall off due to the bitter winds you seem to be whipping around lately. Also, next week is the celebration of my birth and I would appreciate a bit of consideration. If you could extend that courtesy to the day after my birthday, the day I'll be at Millikin trying to impress people, I would be forever grateful. If you want me up here to stick around with you next year, you'll understand the importance of what I'm asking.

In short, January, I thought we were friends. Do you and February have a bet going all of a sudden about who can be more cruel? Because I will tell you, you've been giving her a run for her money. There's not much time left for us to spend together this year; can't we make the most of it? I think it's worth considering.

Wondering if I judged you too hastily,