a non-event

Those of you who know my family know that most things from going to the grocery store to holiday festivities are a production. There always seems to be some kind of drama happening, often hilarious and frustrating simultaneously. I grew up in what often seemed like a scene from Clark Griswold's memoir only less comedic or thoughtful. Going into the first BIG Thanksgiving at my grandmother's in about a decade I was apprehensive. I was expecting to break something or spill something or say something. There's always a great potential for disappointment where that side of my family is concerned.

But nothing happened. The dinner, the day, the travel was uneventful. People behaved themselves and were low-key and even tempered. Of course there were a lot of people to talk to and there was no one new to pick on or grill about inappropriate things. Though my cousin Ryan got some crap about his long-distance girlfriend/non-girlfriend/whatever. It also might have helped that my cousin's son who is not yet 3 was entertaining all of us as he kept saying he had to check on "his boy" whom my cousin explained is his imaginary friend. He has no name just the boy. I took some videos with my new Flip videocamera which Mom got me as a graduation present. As soon as I am back in Illinois, I'll post the entire Thanksgiving video but for now you can enjoy this clip.

Landon playing catch with GG from Dev on Vimeo.