i have a fellow

My application for a writing fellow to work with me on the project I mentioned previously has been approved; yay! I'm excited because I think it will strengthen the end result but having another person to work with will also force me to be more organized and focused on the project. Also, it means I'll be undertaking the learning of Flash. I can see the annoyed songs toward the software now and you know what it means when I begin singing to inanimate objects. It ain't pretty.

This news is a pretty good end to a week that started kind of crappy for me, not for any particular reason besides that it was cold and I was moody. Tuesday, we ordered a new TV, thanks to M's discount and some family generosity. It arrived yesterday and we watched some of Harry Potter on Blu Ray and wow I never realized how smooth Daniel Radcliffe's skin is.

You're right if you're thinking that I'm excited to watch Supernatural and Smallville in 1080p HD. I also found out they released Season 3 of Supernatural on Blu-Ray. Good thing Christmas is coming up. Hope I have been nice this year.