coming back to life, research edition

I spent the bulk of yesterday shaping up an abstract of some research to submit to a collection, the one coming out of the Watson Conference. It was tougher than I expected. As I was trying to piece it all together, I began to feel the way I did when writing my dissertation: the desire for it to be good, the thrill of watching something I've been working on for about a year possibly evolve into publication. But I also felt strangely confident about what I was saying--not always how I was saying it, but comfortable with the research and with my take on things. The trouble was trying to articulate some very layered ideas, which seem so connected and obvious for me because I'm so close to the project and yet, I knew I needed to do more work to connect the dots for others.

I turned to my editor and all around girl in my corner for help and she asked me enough questions to smooth the whole thing together. I ended up feeling okay about it and just hope it gels with the scope of the other research submitted.

In an incredibly stressed out from the dissertation moment I remember asking one of my profs, one who always tells it like it is, if research ever became fun again. She said it did and I responded, "I'm looking forward to that day." Well, friends, I'm beginning to feel excited about a couple of projects again. Things are coming together in really cool ways. I'm going to try and get IRB approval to use my students' work from next semester as I'm teaching a course related to my new project and see if anything interesting presents itself. For now, I'm focused on getting the webtext together for the collection and if it isn't accepted, I'll send it a few other places. I'm waiting to hear whether or not I was approved for a student fellow to collaborate with me on the design and programming aspects. So, while it is probably boring for you to read about; I'm terribly excited about all of these possibilities.

And I'm relieved that I'm finding my way back to this work. I remember getting into my Frankenstein project, how it consumed me. It felt like waking up from a very long but not exactly restful sleep. This process feels a bit better but still has the coming back to life effect.

Also Top Chef is back on, which makes me v. happy AND

on a completely unrelated note Supernatural is getting so good. Spoilery stuff follows I know a lot of fans prefer less mythology episodes but I'd been dying to know what happened all those months Dean was in hell.


OMG, Sam and Ruby... HOT!