if homeless means you have no home, what would having more than one home be?

Surprise! I'm in Alabama. A quick weekend-ish trip to celebrate my Grandmother's new house. The process has taken less than a year though I'm sure for her it seems longer. The new place is beautiful. Today was the official housewarming get together. My dad did a "bless this house" kind of devotional which turned out way less cheesy than I expected. Michelle spent the bulk of the day hooking up the new computer we bought Gran. Now all of my family is high speed. Yes!

Adia spent the afternoon sweet and quiet in her crate in the laundry room off the kitchen. She started out in the garage but Gran who is not really an animal lover says, "Bring that thing inside. It's too hot out there."

"I thought you didn't care, Gran, but you really do." I say.
"Well, I don't want the animal dying on my property," she replies. Classic Grandmother.

Tonight we ate catfish at a local place near Malbis and hung out with Mom. It's been a fantastic day. Tomorrow we lunch with Gran, Aunt Ruth and Mom. Then we'll relax some more.

There's something about being here that changes me. I instantly feel more myself. I hear the familiar accents and I slip into the barefoot Southern girl I've always been.