reactive modes

I often say that I don't work well with reactive people, those who see no problems until faced with them and who then and only then are moved to action. I am frustrated when others do not take proactive steps to paving the way for potential future risks. I don't mean that you should always assume things will go wrong but rather attempt to assess situations especially in terms of administration, leadership and wide-scale changes or issues. But sometimes I don't follow my own advice. So today when my direct deposit of financial aid was missing I freaked out. Instead of calling Student Accounts and Financial Aid first, I changed my direct deposit information to reflect that Michelle was the owner of the account and I was the co-owner. Doing this, of course, means that Student Accounts will cut me a tangible check instead of direct depositing the funds. I was instantly reactive and now have to wait probably until the end of next week before I receive the check. Apparantly some of my paperwork was still being processed. And the next checks are cut on Tuesday and then mailed.

This week has been long and painful with my car woes (300 dollars begged and borrowed from my parents to pay for repairs), and Orientation. I am looking forward to the weekend though I do need to do more work on my syllabus and calendar for Monday. I'd like a cold drink and a nap and not necessarily in that order.