morally allright

Last night I went to see Mr. Brooks, which I found surprisingly complex. Costner was excellent, dark and nefarious. William Hurt, as always, does not disappoint as his alter ego. I was impressed by Dane Cook's performance as a jittery, a bit of his kilter amateur photographer. However, I will understand if some moviegoers dislike the odd plot twists and the bit to late for shock sequences. It's a sophisticated thriller. Costner is scary and likable simultaneously and I found myself disgusted by how intrigued I was by him, how much I liked his character. That in and of itself is enough to scare me. Demi Moore was a bit disappointing and robotic in her portrayal of a cop hot on Brooks' trail. She's a better actress than that and I don't know what went wrong there. The film was a welcome oddity after scoring exams all day. I don't know how I'll make it to Sunday. Every day seems to be easier, though. I hope that continues today.

Every day I write down little funny phrases that end up in students' exams. My question is about the ethics of offering incentives for charitable acts. My favorite from yesterday proclaimed that it was morally allright. I found that phrase amusing and ambiguous and just perfect to describe many things, like the film Mr. Brooks. I won't urge you to see it unless you like thrillers, slasher movies and your reality a bit skewed. It reminded me of American Psycho in some places though I think it has more commitment to the story and more depth in unexpected places.