The title of this post is brought to you courtesy of one of the AP exams I scored. I loved that in the first line of the students' exam s/he used "ethicality." At first I kept going back and forth about whether it was really a word or not but "ethicalness" seemed made up too and I remembered that it WAS definitely a word so I decided ethicality was a word. Later, when I googled it, I found out I was right.

Today was a long and interesting day. There are definitely some things I like about how we're asked to score tests and I think this aligns with the ideologies and undergirding principles of the AP program. 1) We talked today about the distinction between grading and scoring, an important distinction and one I hadn't thought of. 2) We're reminded "This is a draft" which I think shows the way process is built into AP courses and reminds us this is 40 minutes of the students' lives we're scoring. 3) The scoring rubric like all rubrics can be confusing and subjective so we did quite a bit of norming which made me feel more comfortable. The group at my table debated and explored various elements of the essays we normed and I found this refreshing unlike most norming sessions I have experienced in the past. 4) Snacks. Oh my gosh, there's so much food. Every time I turn around there is a snack time. It breaks the day up nicely but tomorrow someone has to move the Hershey kisses away from me. I was appalled to see the little wrappers add up at the end of the day.

Tonight was a brief reception for new readers. I didn't stay long because I wanted to get some work done, but instead I caught up on emails and surfed the web. Still, I'm getting practice explaining my project as I meet people and they ask about what I do, and the kind of research I do. It's helping me think of my project in various ways and I hope I can incorporate some of that into my next revision. Perhaps I'll get some things done tomorrow night. I'm still adjusting to the hour ahead which sounds strange but it makes a difference. I napped too long and accidentally this afternoon so I'm worried about getting to bed and being able to sleep and stay asleep. Oh well.