I don't know how actors and actresses feel when a show they've been working on is cancelled. I'm sure it's devastating. As a fan, I'm often sad when shows aren't renewed and feel a sense of loss that I won't be invited in to these character's worlds anymore. Today, I found out what it feels like as an instructor to find out the course you've been holding out for and finally got assigned to you is cancelled due to low enrollment. I tried to stir up interest before the next registration times but I suppose the department couldn't chance it. And from their perspective I understand that. Still, I'm disappointed. I'd already been working on a syllabus. But perhaps the chance will come up again and maybe I'll get some chapters written this summer.

Luckily, I managed to secure a position as an AP reader in Daytona so I'll have a small amount of money coming through from that. Michelle will begin her full time job so I'm hoping we'll be okay money wise. I might start perusing job ads anyway. The summer of an academic... sigh.