weathering change

While I appreciate and often welcome change as part of my need for chaos, it's also exhausting. The sheer intellectual and physical movement can be draining. We've been in Detroit since Wednesday afternoon for Computers and Writing. It has been rewarding and tiring, networking, thinking, listening, paying attention. I present today and spent more time than I probably should have on the visual components of my presentation but I think it will be helpful since my discussion focuses on two websites. As I was writing the presentation I kept having to refer back to the websites and so I figured if I needed the visual representation so did my audience. We'll see how it goes. I'm not nervous. I'm rarely nervous before academic presentations, perhaps because I've done so many. Or maybe it's how I frame my thinking of presenting. I look at it like an opportunity to get feedback from others. I like talking with someone and generating new ideas or make deeper connections. It doesn't occur to me that there may be other agendas but it's okay if there are because I am still getting something out of it. I'm a big believer that you get out of something what you put into it.

And because I think that I can let go of work for a presentation in ways I struggle with doing in other areas like dissertation proposals and narrative essays. I think I can learn more to let go of work earlier in the process and that would save me a lot of headaches.

I had plans today to go to the Detroit Institute of Art but that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow. I'd really, really like to go. There's an Ansel Adams exhibit and some Diego Rivera work that I'd love to see. I hate how you feel you never have enough time at conferences in cities to do what you want to do.