the bostonians

My trip to Boston was really great. It was my second trip to Boston and I'll say I still like the city... a lot. Bostonians were incredibly helpful and endearing. I loved listening to the accents, the cadence and harshness depending on which side of town I was on. This trip was much different because I was here for a conference and not visiting friends like the last time I was here 3 years ago. It's very different traversing the city on your own, without someone to show you the ropes. Hence, why the Bostonians were so helpful; I had a lot of questions.

I managed to get a cold though, perhaps from the shift in weather. So walking around Boston and Cambridge was an exercise in appearing energetic while continually sneezing, and blowing my nose so much and so hard it bled. My actual presentation went well I thought. I ended up making a Powerpoint Slide Show to accompany my presentation. The slide show definitely gave the talk an impact I desperately felt I needed. The wireless presentation mouse worked flawlessly and I felt very professional despite my voice which was more raspy than usual due to the cold. It was appropriate though since I was talking about diseased and non-conforming bodies and my own body had become sick. I received positive feedback and some really interesting questions. Overall, it was a great environment. I wish more people had shown up at my panel but the fact that it was at 8 a.m. on the last day of the conference worked a bit against me. I noticed that all of the panels on Saturday had relatively low attendance.

I enjoyed all of the panels I attended. I thought the conference overall was excellent, definitely one of the best I've been to. Below are some Boston pics.

Boston Public Library

Downtown Boston