falling into place

I've been struggling to find motivation to work on my proposal. I think it stems from a combination of things: 1)being wiped out from comps last semester 2) not having a clear idea of what I'm doing/saying 3)4th year PhD Burnout.

What's hard for me is that I haven't written any scholarly work besides comps in this sort of isolation that I've been feeling. It's me and the cursor on the page. And I suppose it always is, even when you're classes and among your peers. But I dunno, I just feel alone in my writing and I start to get scared. So, I've been voicing these struggles with one of my advisors who doesn't chastise me for not getting things done. But instead says, "I know." And then helps me develop a new direction and a new plan and encourages me to just start writing.

I love him because he quietly lets me know he believes in me. He emails me ways to approach the project. He tells me I'm right when I say, I've been writing without direction. And in these moments I can feel things fall into place and I wonder if there's a way to hold on to that when I'm staring at the cursor.

Anyone else face feeling stuck when asked to write a big project? Any advice, feedback, suggestions?